The world according to Bob – James Bowen

world according to bobTitle: The World According to Bob: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Street-wise Cat (Bob The Cat #2)
Author: James Bowen
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Format: Paperback
Pages: 286
My rating★★★★★

In 2013 someone gave me ‘A streetcat named Bob’ as a December gift. As a catlover I really enjoyed that story and I wanted to read ‘The world according to Bob’ as well. It took me almost two years to finally do so.

What the book is about

‘Since Bob has appeared, I’ve made huge strides in my life. For more than a decade I was a homeless drug addict. I was lost to the world and had forgotten what was important in life. Now I’ve got myself back on my two feet, but as I put the past behind me, I’m still stepping unsteadily into the future. I still need help in the right direction. Bob is always there to offer guidance and friendship.’

James and his street cat Bob have been on a remarkable journey together. In the years since their story ended in the bestselling A STREET CAT NAMED BOB James, with Bob’s help, has begun to find his way back to the real world. Almost every day, Bob provides moments of intelligence, bravery and humour, at the same time opening his human friend’s eyes to important truths about friendship, loyalty, trust – and the meaning of happiness. In the continuing tale of their life together James shows the many ways in which Bob has been his protector and guardian angel through times of illness, hardship, even life-threatening danger. As they high five together for their crowds of admirers, James knows that the tricks he’s taught Bob are nothing compared to the lessons he’s learnt from his street-wise cat.

What I think about the book

‘A streetcat named Bob’ tells the story of how James and Bob met each other and how that has changed their lives. One could say that the story ends at the moment that the book was published, because it would make life easier for them. I agree that the story doesn’t end there. First of all I found it very interesting to read how they had lived while the book was still a work in progress, but I also know that life with a cat is never boring. I could write many stories about my cats and they never even leave the house.

I think Bob is adorable. The stories really won me over. Okay, I admit that I fall in love with many of those fur creatures so it’s not hard to make me fall in love with a cat, especially a red cat. Still I do think that the bond that James and Bob have is special. Not everyone connects with his pet on that level and I loved reading about them. Bob does things I recognize from my own cats, but still he is much more attached to James than my cats ever were. I mean, I never walked around outside with a cat on my shoulders. Mine have never followed me all the way down to the bus stop. That sure is special.

I am glad to find out that life has gotten better for both of them since the first novel came out, because they deserve it. They’ve worked hard for it. Even with an adorable cat in one’s life, it might not be easy to stay on the right path. James got a second chance and he grabbed it with both hands.

So if you love cats, memoirs, London or all of those things, then you must read these books for sure.

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