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The Before Now and After Then – Peter Monn

The before nowTitle: The Before Now and After Then
Author: Peter Monn
Publisher: Pen Name Publishing
Format: Kindle
Pages: 304
My rating★★★★★

On Valentine’s Day I was able to ‘purchase’ a few new books for my kindle for free, thanks to my friend Suze. I kind of fell in love with the cover of The Before Now and After Then’. I love old cassettes and the way they remind me of my childhood.

What the book is about

Danny Goldstein has always lived in the shadow of his identical, twin brother Sam. But when a hurricane of events forces him into the spotlight, he starts to realize that the only thing he’s truly afraid of is himself.

With the help of his costume changing friend Cher, a famous gay uncle with a mysterious past of his own, two aging punk rocker parents and Rusty, the boy who will become his something to live for, Danny begins to realize that the music of the heart is truly the soundtrack for living.

What I think about the book

This is one of those cute young adult books that I just had to keep on reading. Danny is a teenager in search for himself. He has no idea of who he really is and losing his twin brother Sam has only made that feeling worse. When he and his mom move to another part of town and he starts a new school, things are changing for Danny.

I really loved all the music that was mentioned in this book. Even if most of the songs are from the 80’s they are certainly awesome classics. Music gives the characters in this story their personalities, it makes the story come alive. Some things are certainly really cute, like how Rusty makes mixed tapes for Danny (How cool is that!) I think that making a mixed tape for someone is very romantic.

Danny describes himself as a normal teenage boy who happens to be in love with another boy. I think that’s true. You could easily swap his character or Rusty’s for any other boy or girl. In love it doesn’t matter who you are and who you fall in love with. And this story makes it so normal that these two happen to be boys. I think that is a really good thing. So yeah, The Before Now and After Then is just a very cute love story of two normal people who both have been hurt before.

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