Snailmail Sunday: DVD-mail

Penpalling has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was about twelve years old. Back in 1996 I got my first pen pal from a foreign country. The sound of a letter in the mailbox definitely makes me smile. It used to be all about writing letters on either a legal pad or with Diddl stationary. Other things I could not afford back then and it was about the words anyways. It was not a very cool hobby to have, but I loved it anyways.

These days everyone seems to get into ‘snailmail’. Penpalling is not just about sending and receiving letters anymore. People add little gifts to their letters or make something creative to put the letter in. I do love buying colorful or cute stationary these days and it’s fun to decorate the paper and envelope with stickers and deco- or washi tape, but I am new to the whole world of modern snail mail. It does look fun to me though.

So whenever I get inspired, I try to do something nice with my mail as well. Last week I have read a post on and it instantly inspired me. It was such an awesome idea to use an empty DVD case as the cover for your snail mail and it’s not difficult to use it. So I decided to try this myself . This is my result.
snailmail dvd small

What I have used:

  • One empty DVD case
  • Two sheets with a color / pattern on it
  • One blank A4 sheet
  • Double sided tape
  • Project Life supplies
  • Pencil & fineliners
  • Washi tape
  • Stickers

One Response to Snailmail Sunday: DVD-mail

  • I really, really love this and wish I would be that creative. I am not…but I am working on that ;)! Maybe one day my mail will look as creative as some other mail in the #snailmailrevolution tag on instagram.

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