2014-08-27 16.11.17Hi, I am Roxanne from the Netherlands! It’s nice to meet you.

Let me introduce myself to you. I was born in Utrecht in 1984. I still live in Utrecht, where I share a two bedroom flat with my boyfriend Huib, my baby boy Marcel (August 2015) and our two cats Bella and Kitty. 

In the fall of 2013 I graduated at the university of applied sciences in Utrecht. In my dream job I would be able to combine writing, the internet, social media and event management. Since I was unable to find my dream job, I decided to become a freelance (copy)writer and create my own dream job. So far I am loving it. At the moment I am not working due to my pregnancy, but I will definitely get back to writing as soon as I can.

Life is full of amazing things. First of all I love words. That means that I love reading books & magazines, writing stories, blog posts and snail mail. You can find my Dutch blog on I’m also into music, festivals, concerts, football (soccer!) and dancing.

Random facts about me: 

  • Spring is my favorite season;
  • I have been blogging since 2003;
  • Risotto is my favorite food;
  • I probably own more pairs of sunglasses than shoes;
  • I do love shoes a lot;
  • Watching series on Netflix is a great way to spend the afternoon;
  • My favorite TV-show is definitely Grey’s Anatomy;
  • I think all drinks are meant to be cold, except for hot chocolate;
  • Blue is my favorite color;
  • I love colorful & cute things.
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2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
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