Love Like Crazy – Megan Squires

Love like crazyTitle: Love Like Crazy
Author: Megan Squires
Format: Kindle
Pages: 363
My rating★★★★★

Sometimes Amazon just knows what you need to read next. After reading ‘I’ll give you the sun’ this novel was recommended to me on my Kindle. I must admit that I have bought it because of the cover. I love the crazy colorful letters and how can I resist a VW van?

What the book is about

All things that can be considered—and oftentimes are—just a bit crazy.

With an alcoholic father and an absentee mother, seventeen-year old Eppie Aberdeen has learned firsthand that life’s circumstances aren’t always sunshine and roses.

So Eppie doesn’t expect the fairytale, because reality certainly isn’t one. She’s not waiting on the handsome prince with his white horse to come to her rescue. But even though she’s not waiting on it, that doesn’t stop nineteen-year-old Lincoln Ross from driving straight into her heart with his teal and white campervan and his too tall stature and perpetually goofy grin.

It’s difficult to believe in a happily ever after when a happy now is quite hard to find. But Lincoln gives Eppie hope that despite the odds, a true and unconditional love might actually be out there. A revised fairy tale. A new kind of love story.

But then again, that might just be plain crazy.

What I think about the book

I enjoyed reading ‘Love like crazy’ so much that I have to give the book five stars. The story, the characters and everything else was so cute and lovely, like some sort of modern fairy tale. It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling and I could hardly stop reading.

Of course life is not all rainbows and butterflies. Not even for the wonderful people in this story. Eppie (Eponine), Lincoln, Sam, Dan and even Phil have their own background stories. Their families are far from perfect (Eppie’s ‘crazy’ mother and all the times Eppie was sick in her childhood, well I suspected the outcome from the beginning, and I was right… – nope, not going to spoil that one!), but together these friends they seem to form a new family. I love how they can still find love in their hearts, despite what they’ve all been through.

I did wonder if it would be possible to meet the way Eppie and Lincoln. Yes, life can be crazy sometimes, but if I’d be late for school and someone would run over a dog I would probably call the police and leave for school as soon as they’re there instead of running to the vet and take the dog home. I wouldn’t have invited a strange boy home when I was seventeen years old. Is it really possible to meet like that and fall in love with that person? I would like to believe that it is possible. That a love like this exists.

I have never heard of this book and the author before, but I am really happy that Amazon recommended it to me as I loved it. Anyone who loves young adult romance should give this one a try.

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