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paperback summerI just ran into the Paperback Summer challenge and I have decided to join this time. The event will be hosted by  the lovely ladies Suze and Sophie. The idea is basically to read as many paperbacks as you can in June, July and August. Since we are all going to be doing it together, we can motivate each other and discuss the books we are reading. It sounds like it would encourage me to read more than I am currently doing.

This challenge tells me that I am not the only one with a massive TBR pile. In my case there are no review books involved, but that doesn’t mean that the books should just sit there on my bookshelf while I am just reading on my Kindle. I just have way too many books waiting for me and I don’t even know which one to read next. It is that bad.

My goal is to read at least 10 paperbacks. That’s not much, compared to the other goals I have seen, but due to my pregnancy I might not be able to read in August. So reading about 5 paperbacks a month in June and July sounds like a goal that I can actually achieve this summer.

Will you be joining Paperback Summer as well?

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2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
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