Five facts about me #2

Even though I have already posted a few random facts about myself on my about me page, I do think there is so much more about me that you don’t know. Therefore I will share some random facts about myself every now and then. You can check my first random fact post here.

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1. Part of me would love to move away from here, to another city or even another country. I dream about living in London for example. At the same time I am too scared to actually do it. I am afraid that I would miss Utrecht way too much and that it would be impossible to find a new flat or house here in Utrecht. I am so scared that I will end up feeling miserable there. So I am staying right here. I am a dreamer, but sometimes I wish I’d have the guts to actually do the things I dream about.

2. When it comes to books, I have no backbone. When I tell myself not to buy new books, because I have so many unread books on both my bookshelf and my Kindle, I always find reasons to buy a new book anyways. I mean, if one of my favorite authors publishes a new book I just need to have it and how can one say ‘no’ to a good deal? So I always end up buying new books every month, even when I am determined not to.

3.  I am not a fan of revolving doors. Okay, that’s an understatement. If someone steps into one right before me, I will wait for the next part. If I am not the first one to walk in, I just won’t do it. I know that the worst thing that will happen is that it will stop moving for a moment, but still…  Those things are just creepy. Imagine the joy of going to the hospital a lot right now… There’s one of those things at the entrance.

4. Gerbera daisies are my favorite flowers. I really love the different colors and how they are so beautiful if you put them together. I don’t often buy flowers though, as my cats are champions when it comes to knocking the vase over or eating the flowers. There’s no fun in that.

5. I love having lunch or dinner at Subway. My favorite Sub is chicken fajita on honey oat bread with veggies and chipotle southwest sauce on top. I could eat it every day if it was necessary. Yes, I have tried other sandwiches, but I love this one the most. I am thrilled about the fact that you can add avocado since a couple of weeks. That’s delicious! This sandwich was also my favorite pregnancy craving.

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2016 Reading Challenge
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