Swapbot: Elongated Coin Swap #30

elongated coins

Since my mailbox has been empty, I have joined a couple of swaps on Swapbot. One of those swaps was the ‘Elongated Coin Swap’. I love elongated coins, or pressed pennies, and I try to find them everywhere I go. So far I have found them in the Netherlands (Utrecht, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and so on), Germany (Oberhausen and Cologne) and London, but of course I would like to get many more, from countries all over the world.

For this swap I have sent coins from Utrecht to two different partners in Australia and the USA. Last week I have received coins from two swappers from Germany and California. This swap is a great way to get more coins and add them to my collection. It was the first time I could add coins that were not from Europe. I will definitely try to join this swap again in the future.

If you have access to an elongated coin machine in your neighborhood and would like to trade them for coins from Utrecht or for anything else, let me know! I’d love to do a private trade with you.

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