Coming Home for Christmas – Jenny Hale

Coming home for christmasTitle: Coming Home for Christmas
Author: Jenny Hale
Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 304
My rating★★★★✫

On Christmas Eve I started reading this story and my idea was to finish it during the holidays, but then I stopped reading for a couple of weeks. Recovering from surgery, being pregnant and getting the flu weren’t very helpful. It had nothing to do wiyh the book though. I thought it was wonderful. Now that I have read it I still want to share my review, even though the holidays season is over already.

What the book is about

Christmas is a time for family – isn’t it?
Allie Richfield loves Christmas, so when she lands a job as House Manager for the amazing Ashford Estate—which includes organizing the Marley family festivities—she is in her element. With a budget bigger than her life savings and a team of staff, how hard can it be?

As one-by-one she meets the Marleys, she’s about to find out…

Allie’s new boss, Robert, might be gorgeous, but he’s also colder than the snow outside and refuses to come home for Christmas. Robert’s playboy brother, Kip, flirts with her relentlessly; and his sister, Sloane, arrives home with baggage—both the divorce-kind and the Louis Vuitton kind. Their ninety-two year old grandmother, Pippa, spends her day grumbling at everybody from her mobility scooter.

With Robert intending to sell Ashford, it’s the Marley’s last chance to create some happy memories in their family home—and Allie is determined to make it happen… even if it takes a little Christmas magic! With the festive spirit in full swing, she might even discover a little happiness of her own…

What I think about the book 

The characters Allie and Robert make an appearance in ‘A Christmas to Remember‘ as well and that made this story a little harder for me to read. I kind of knew where the story would end up and I somehow wanted to fly straight to the end. I knew that I needed to let that feeling go in order to enjoy this book. So I put it away for a few days and then picked it up again. That really helped me see the actually very sweet story that was inside this novel.

What I love about Jenny Hale’s characters is that they are genuinely open to any changes that come along. That’s life. People enter our life and that often means that something will change. In this case the family was driven apart by some tragic events in the past. Money did definitely make their lives any better. But having Allie around makes it much easier, she seems to be the glue that puts this family together again, even if it’s just for one Christmas…

So if you need a sweet holiday story for next December, I would definitely recommend this one.

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