Then comes spring – CeCe Carroll

then comes springTitle: Then comes spring (Tastes like winter #2)
Author: CeCe Carroll
Format: Kindle
Pages: 159
My rating★★★★✫

In 2014 I have read CeCe’s first novel Tastes like Winter. This month her new book Then Comes Spring has been published. It’s another story about Emma and Jake, the characters I fell in love with in her first book. When CeCe asked on Twitter if anyone was up for reading a review copy I told her I’d love to.

What the book is about

At seventeen, among the shift and collapse of family and friends, Emma fell in love. Jake came into her life and saw her in a way no one else did. But Jake was battling his own demons and with each step forward came several steps back.

Four years later, Emma has changed. When she left High Gate so her mother could pursue a new career in Colorado, things were left open ended with Jake. Emma hoped their fragile bond would grow stronger despite their distance, but life doesn’t always work out that way.

Hardened by a broken heart, Emma ditches hopes and dreams in favor of safer choices. But when Jake appears back in her life, she must decide what she wants, what she needs, and what she can’t live without.

What I think about the book 

I really liked the book. It was fast paced and I could have read it in one sitting if only I could have had my normal concentration. The book is slightly different from Tastes Like Winter. First of all the setting has changed. Since the story continues four years after the last one ended, a lot has changed. Emma moved on to a college in a different state and she seems to be a whole different person. No longer is she the dreamy and introvert girl who spends lots of time locked up in her room with a book, she became a young woman with a goal in life, future plans and friends to hang out with. She is still serious when it comes to her classes, but knows how to enjoy herself. She even fell in love again and feels ready to let a new guy in to her heart. Brandon. Her safe choice. A good guy. Or so she thinks.

When Jake enters the scene again, Emma is shocked. Everything she has been working for over the past four years, seems to fall apart in that second. At first she tries to stay away from Jake, but she can’t. She wants to be his friend, she is curious as to what he has been up to. Wouldn’t we all want to know? I mean, a first love, there is a certain thing about that. They will always be a part of you. So yes, by hanging out with Jake, Emma is playing with fire. Who will she pick? What will she do?

Even though the outcome might not be such a surprise, it was well written and I really enjoyed reading about it. The struggles in Emma’s head are very realistic. What about the future? What if I won’t like the job I will be getting after college? What kind of relationship do I want? There are so many choices that we’ve got to make at the age of 21 that it does freak you out sometimes. That sounds quite familiar to me. I do wonder what Emma’s future will be like and what she will be like five years from where she’s at now. Maybe we will get another story from CeCe Carroll, and otherwise I will just have to guess where it will go from here.

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