Swapbot: Elongated Coin Swap #30

elongated coins

Since my mailbox has been empty, I have joined a couple of swaps on Swapbot. One of those swaps was the ‘Elongated Coin Swap’. I love elongated coins, or pressed pennies, and I try to find them everywhere I go. So far I have found them in the Netherlands (Utrecht, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and so on), Germany (Oberhausen and Cologne) and London, but of course I would like to get many more, from countries all over the world.

For this swap I have sent coins from Utrecht to two different partners in Australia and the USA. Last week I have received coins from two swappers from Germany and California. This swap is a great way to get more coins and add them to my collection. It was the first time I could add coins that were not from Europe. I will definitely try to join this swap again in the future.

If you have access to an elongated coin machine in your neighborhood and would like to trade them for coins from Utrecht or for anything else, let me know! I’d love to do a private trade with you.

Snailmail Sunday: How to find new penpals online

There are many ways to find new penpals. In the old days I was a big fan of Friendship Books, but I quit swapping them more then 10 years ago. I mean, there are easier ways to find new penpals since we’ve got the internet. These days it is much easier to meet people from all over the world. I will make a list that tells you how to find new penpals online and I will add my own experiences with those websites.

how to find penpals online

On this website you can make your own profile and search for others. The good thing about this website is that you can upload pictures and add a lot of info about yourself. Not everyone fills them out and some people polish their profiles until they seem super interesting, while in fact they are not. If you know what you’re searching for, it is possible to find awesome new friends via this website. I have found many of my penpals here.


There are many snailmail related groups on Facebook. Just search for snailmail, (long) letters or penpals on Facebook and I am sure that you will find a group you will like. In those groups you are often allowed to place an add or ask for new pen pals. It is also a nice way to chat with other letter writers.


This one is of course not online on your computer, but you can download the app on your smartphone. I love sharing pictures, quotes and other things on Instagram, but I also found it useful to find new penpals. Upload a picture or snailmail related image, letting people know that you are searching for new penpals. It might help to add a couple of hashtags to your message, such as #snailmail, #penpalswanted #happymail or anything else related to snailmail. This way people who are searching for penpals will find your message. I find it funny that you will ‘judge’ someone mostly based on pics via Instagram. That’s different from other websites, but I have found two very good friends there and we are sending long letters. So it is possible to make a connection this way.

Even though this website is mostly meant for one time swaps, it is definitely possible to make new friends. I love the ‘Letters & Writing’ related swaps a lot. Of course you don’t always click with your assigned partner, but sometimes you do. Therefore it’s worth a try when searching for new penpals. If only for the fact that I end up having more mail in your mailbox and the possibility of finding new friends.

This website is of course meant for sending postcards to random people from all over the world, but there is a forum attached to the website. On the forum you can get to know new people and it even has a place where you can ask or search for new penpals. For me it never really worked though, as most people are used to sending postcards only and they like exchanging short letters, while I enjoy writing really long letters instead.

Snailmail Sunday: No mail today

snailmailSource of the image

No mail today. Or any other day this week. For some reason my mailbox has been pretty empty lately. Are my penpals still in hibernation or did the mail man forget where I live? I think it’s pretty boring to open the mailbox and find nothing but bills. I am not used to that. It also means that I hardly have any ideas to write about (awesome) snailmail on Sunday… Something I would like to do (almost) every week.

Of course I am not going to search for a handful of new penpals, because what if everyone pops back up again? Mail does always appear all at once. That’s a fact. Instead I logged on to Swap-bot again this week. I have updated my profile there and signed up for a couple of ‘Letters & Writing’ swaps. Those are the ones I like best. So let’s see if that will fill up my mailbox again in May.

Besides that I am totally up for one time swaps, so if you have any ideas, just drop me a comment or send me any e-mail via the contact form.

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