Five facts about me #3

Even though I have already posted a few random facts about myself on my about me page, I do think there is so much more about me that you don’t know. Therefore I will share some random facts about myself every now and then. You can check my previous random fact post here.

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1. I am not afraid of spiders, but wasps freak me out! Hello, they can fly! They are unpredictable. I have only been stung by a wasp once in my life and that was probably 25 years ago. I am no longer running away from them when I am outside, but if a wasp enters either my car or my house, I will leave until it’s gone. No way I am spending time in a closed space with one of those creepy creatures. Get lost, leave me alone! Did I mention that I almost jumped out of a moving car once when I discovered one of those yellow-and-black monsters?

2. I feel uncomfortable when the volume of my car radio is at an odd number. I can stand 5, 15 or 25, but otherwise the volume should be an even number. I know that theoretically nothing will happen to me, but still I just can’t stand it.

3. I have a thing for cute notebooks. I always buy them, but then I am afraid to mess up so I hardly ever use them. Then I wonder why I need them, but end up buying more of them anyways.

4. My favorite alcoholic drink is Martini Bianco. I don’t buy it very often, but when I do, I really love it. I also like Baileys and Liqor 43 a lot.

5. I seriously hate fireworks. I hate the fact that people are allowed to use them at New Year’s Eve and that they think it is nice to light them before that day. I am not a fan of going outside during the last week of the year because of those people.

Becoming a mother

I promised to write a final update on my pregnancy and becoming a mother. My baby boy is two weeks old today and he is just perfect. I am so in love with him. We are both doing fine, which is the most important thing. I am still getting used to my new life and we don’t have an actual rhythm yet, but that’s okay. I enjoy every moment with him. Let me tell you that all the cliches are true. My love for him is so strong and it has been since the second they put him on my belly when he was born. It was magical.

Back to the last two weeks of my pregnancy. There wasn’t much magic there. It was actually more like my personal version of hell. I didn’t feel very well and experienced many Braxton-Hicks contractions. I couldn’t sleep properly, I didn’t feel hungry at all and I definitely had many moodswings. My energy levels went up and down like crazy. I have spent the last weekend of July at the hospital, because of a bleeding. It will always remain a mystery what caused that bleeding, but at least we were both okay so in the end I was cleared to go back home and wait for labor to start.

When it finally did, on my due date (Sunday, August 16), nothing really happened in the beginning. My contractions weren’t very strong, but they were quite painful. So I was in a lot of pain, but nothing happened. The cervical dilation remained just 1 cm for a very long time. I couldn’t stand the pain, so on the 17th of August my obstetrician allowed me to sleep at the hospital, where they gave me strong painkillers and a sedative for the night. Those had worked for me before, but this time I could not sleep and the pain didn’t get any less. In fact, it was getting worse. When I called the nurse to help me to the bathroom (yeah, painkillers and sedatives don’t work well for one’s legs) we found out I was having another bleeding. I completely freaked out, especially because Huib was sleeping at home. They made an ECG and I wasn’t allowed to call him yet (which I did anyways, because, hello, I was bleeding and it was OUR baby we were talking about here…) We had to wait for the obstetrician on call to come over and check what was going on. The following two hours were slowly ticking by… and then she finally came to see me at 3 am. The baby was fine and she told me I was in labor for real now. The dilation was 3 cm and they were moving me to the delivery rooms. I could not believe it. The baby was finally coming. I immediately demanded stronger pain management so the anesthesiologist came to give me epidural anesthesia. The next thing I did was call Huib again that he had to get his ass to the hospital ASAP.

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