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Even though I have already posted a few random facts about myself here, I do think there is so much more about me that you don’t know. Therefore I will share some more facts about me today.

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1. When I was a little girl I wanted to become a writer, singer or a vet. I became a freelance copywriter with a bachelor in communications. I would still love option number one, as writing is what I love most.

2. My favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy. I really do miss Cristina Yang though, as she has been my favorite from the start. My other favorite is definitely Callie Torres as she is just awesome!

3. When I was 8 years old I found a rescue kitten at the side of the road on a dark and rainy autumn night. My parents allowed me to take her home. She was very sick at the time (she had the cat flu) and only 8 weeks old. She stayed with us for a couple of years. Her name was Maupi. She was my first rescue cat, but many others have followed throughout the years.

4. The first concert I have attended was from the Backstreetboys when I was 13. My mum was with me as she thought I was way too young to go there along. It was so good. I was a huge fan for years and I still love the boys and their music. In March 2014 I was at my 4th Backstreetboys concert and once again it was amazing. I felt 14 again for a few hours.

5. Since I was a teenage girl I have been struggling with my weight. In April 2014 I have had bariatric surgery. I have chosen to go for a roux-en-y gastric bypass and I am glad that I did it. So far I have lost 76 lbs (35 kilo) and I am not done yet! I write about my weight loss journey on my other blog.

Would you like to read more random facts about me? Let me know if I should do a post like this more often and maybe I will. 

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2016 Reading Challenge
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