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When I saw the Twilight Tag on Vanessa’s blog I was tempted to answer these questions myself. I am not really a fan of Twilight anymore, but I loved these books so much back in 2008 and 2009. It has triggered my love for young adult and fantasy books and it opened a whole new world for me. Twilight did play a part in the books I read nowadays and I am happy about that.

  1. Favorite book and movie?
    My favorite book has always been ‘Eclipse’, mainly because of Jacobs part in that story. I still think Bella should have picked him and the story could have ended there for me. I am not a fan of Breaking Dawn. From the movies I think I would pick Twilight.twilight
  2. What has your experience been with Twilight?
    When I was reading Twilight for the first time I wasn’t in a happy place myself. The books gave me an escape from reality and it made me realize how much I have always loved (fantasy) books. Later on the books helped me understand some of my relationships I had with other people and how I wanted to change those into something healthier. I did not want to be like Bella and be sad. I wanted to be a strong woman and therefore I chose the change myself into the person I am today. I do think that reading Twilight has been a part of that process.
  3. Favorite character?
    That’s not easy. They have all got their flaws, except maybe Charlie, he is just who he is.
  4. Team Edward of team Jacob?
    Team Jacob. Like everyone else I adored the thing that Bella and Edward had in Twilight, but after Edward left in New Moon I could never really forgive him. Jacob was the one who was there to pick up the pieces and in my eyes he is still the sweetest one.
  5. Favorite Cullen?
    Alice. She is cheerful and sweet.
  6. Favorite song from the soundtracks?
    ‘Leave out all the rest’ by Linkin Park, because of the beautiful lyrics. I must admit the soundtracks have many wonderful songs though.
  7. How often do you watch a Twilight movie?
    Now that I have finally seen them all, I am not sure I would watch them over and over again. Maybe one day? I do have the first three movies on DVD.
  8. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
    Werewolf. I am not a fan of blood and raw meat.
  9. What vampire power would you like?
    Since I am a curious person I think I would like being able to read minds. Although there are probably things about people nobody wants to know.
  10. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done because of Twilight?
    When I was reading these books I have done many stupid things. I remember missing my stop when I was reading on the bus. Walking into a lamp post because I was reading while walking. I even remember going to the bookstore in the city while I had already ordered the next part online and I had a high fever, but I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow. So yeah, maybe I did some embarrassing things back then.
  11. What is a part in the series that made you cry?
    I have been crying a lot while reading these books, but there is no specific scene that I am thinking about. Except maybe when Edward leaves Bella in New Moon.
  12. List the Twilight movies from your favorite to your least favorite?
    Twilight – Eclipse – New Moon – Breaking Dawn 1 & 2.

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