The third trimester

Week 28 – the end of the pregnancy

The third trimester started of pretty good. For some reason I had more energy than before and that meant that I could see some friends and have a little bit of my (social) life back. During the last three months I went back and forth between feeling super tired and having good days, but I guess we can say that it was the best part of my pregnancy. It does help that the baby was moving around inside my belly every day and that it was quite easy to make contact with him. That feeling is so special.

I had a regular check-up at the obstetrician every two weeks at first and after week 34 I had to come in every week. That was usually just a five minute meeting where she would ask me how things were going, check my blood pressure and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. On top of that I had to schedule three ultrasounds to measure the baby’s growth at 28, 32 and 35 weeks. It was fun that we got to look at our baby boy a few extra times. I didn’t get many ultrasound pictures though, as he was getting too big to be pretty on those pics. With 28 weeks we did get pictures of both a foot and a hand.

28 weeks

Luckily our little one was growing well. At all three ultrasounds his measurements were well inside the average grow curve of a fetus with that age and he was also following his own growing curve just fine. We were a bit scared that he’d be too small, but weighed about 1240 grams at 28 weeks,  1760 grams at 32 weeks and 2360 grams at 35 weeks. I was one proud mother. I am so curious what his height and weight will be once he is born. I’ve got the feeling that he is going to be quite tall, but we don’t know until it’s time.


When I was 32 weeks pregnant things were a bit hectic around here. My grandfather passed away and I was really stressed out from trying to be there for my family. I wasn’t really taking care of myself and at one point I ended up at the hospital with a lot of pain in my belly. The baby was fine, but I sure wasn’t. My blood pressure was fine, but my stress levels weren’t and the obstetrician on call warned me that I had to slow down and relax, because if I’d go on like this I was at risk for going into preterm labor. That kind of scared me! It didn’t happen, but from that moment on I did take better care of myself. I wanted my baby boy to be born fit and healthy after all.

Everything else seemed to be on schedule and he was doing great. At 34 weeks the baby had descended all the way into the pelvis with his head first. So that was a good thing. It hurt a lot during the time that was happening. Not everyone seems to feel it, but during those weeks I have had many Braxton Hicks contractions. My babybump dropped a bit lower from that moment, so it looked rather small again for my term. I still felt big though. (At this picture I was almost 33 weeks pregnant)

Babyshower 01Of course there were fun moments as well. Even though I needed to get some rest. On July 11 my sister-in-law and mother threw me a surprise babyshower! That was really sweet of them. We had a beautiful cake, champagne (without alcohol) and lots of healthy snacks. It was a sunny day so we spent it outside in the garden. We were mostly just chatting and enjoying the nice weather, but they also got me many lovely gifts! Well, the gifts were for the baby of course (except for the wonderful leather diaper bag that I really wanted to have since the beginning of my pregnancy, but that was too expensive for me to buy for myself! That one was really for me!) When most people were gone we had a nice barbecue in the garden of my brother and sister-in-law.

38 weeksDuring the last few weeks I have been having some nesting episodes. The hormones and the struggle are very real, even though I thought that would never happen to me. We finished the last bits and pieces of the nursery and I have washed all the baby clothes. Last week my mother and I even made the bed. Everything is ready for him now. I am glad that my parents are helping out so much, because I am pretty sure I could not get everything done otherwise. I want to do so much and I don’t have the energy to actually do it all, so I will take all the help I can get. As long as our home feels ready.

At the babyshower all the women told me that my babybump would grow a lot during the last few weeks and they were right. That last picture was made this weekend and yes, that’s a big bump! Okay, maybe not compared to others, but still. I think it’s quite impressive.

Since I am 38 weeks pregnant, the baby could come any moment. He is also allowed to come, it would no longer be preterm if I would go into labor now. I can’t wait to meet my little boy. I must admit that I am both anxious and excited for what’s coming, but all I can do right now is sit and wait for him. He will tell us when he is ready, which will be anywhere between today and the end of August. Once he is born I will write a final pregnancy update (no worries, I will not give you all the bloody details!).

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