Tell Me Tomorrow – Lynda Bellingham

tell me tomorrowTitle: Tell Me Tomorrow
Author: Lynda Bellingham
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pages: 471
My rating★★★★✫

I got this book as a present for either Christmas or my birthday, so it has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while now. It seemed like a good idea to add this one to the list for Paperback Summer.

What the book is about

Meredith has it all: a fabulous career, a beautiful daughter, and a lovely home, but she has no one to share it with. Behind this tirelessly successful facade lies the story of a woman who struggles to keep love in her life.

When Meredith’s daughter, Anna, starts making the same mistakes as her mother, the closest relationship Meredith has begins to crumble around her.

Can Meredith hold on to the career that drives her, and the one relationship she treasures? Or is she destined to be alone forever?

What I think about the book

This book is all about the relationships between mothers and daughters. I wonder if there are any relationships more difficult than that. Especially when things don’t always go as planned. In this book you’re not only meeting Meredith, the main character, but also the three women before her and her daughter Anna. All of these women have a secret of their own, which they eventually share with their daughters when the time is right. Even though the times are changing, the struggles of these women stay the same and their history seems to repeat itself time and again.

I must admit that, even though I liked the story from the beginning, I had to get used to the way it was written. At some points the story is really being told instead of lived through the women in the book. Not my favorite style of writing. That being said, the story itself was interesting enough to keep reading.

Of all the women in the book, Meredith’s part takes up most of the story. After we learn about the lives of her grandmother and mother, the story goes on with Meredith. She grows up on her parent’s farm and then moves to London to go to school. There she meets her best friend Oliver. Meredith isn’t lucky when it comes to love, but as a single mother she has good friends and a wonderful family to rely on. She is very focused on her career. She has started at a catering company and eventually ends up writing books and being a show host in the television world. When her daughter Anna has some news to share and her career seems to fall apart, Meredith has to gather all her strength to keep going.

I loved how this book takes you through time. Showing the differences for women growing up in different periods in time. I have always been a fan of the sixties and seventies myself, so it was lovely to read what London was like in those days while Meredith moves there and starts life on her own.

It took me about two weeks to finish this book, reading a small part of the book every time I picked it up. I am glad I did read it though as the story is very beautiful. It may take some time to get through this book, but it is definitely worth your time.

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