The summer I found Enid Blyton

enid blytonWhen I was little we always spent our summers in our caravan near a lake. A wonderful place to relax, play and read. I remember that I was allowed to pick up eight books at our town library in summer, which was more than the usual four, but that wasn’t nearly enough as we would stay away from for six weeks. During school weeks I was always reading four books or even more so imagine how I felt when we were at the camping site. Sometimes my dad was nice enough to take me along on a ride back home to pick up the mail and then we’d stop at the library for a few minutes so I could switch my books real quick.

There were other ways to get books! Every summer there was a flea market at the camping site and there were a few stands with books there. I remember that there was a book store that sold damaged copies for half of the original price and my parents would buy me a few books there. I also took my pocket money with me then to check the other stands. Sometimes I would find a few books that were so old and damaged that they would hardly cost me any money. Those were often the ones that were read a million times and therefore they were usually very good.

One author that I found this way was Enid Blyton. One summer I found the first book of The famous five there, together with one of the books of The Twins / St. Clare’s. How I enjoyed reading those series. I obviously searched for the other parts of those series and I have read them all. I always imagined what it would be like to be part of the adventures of those five awesome kids or if I would have liked it at boarding school. I could never get enough of those books and I have read them many times. Therefore Enid Blyton will always pop up in my mind when I think back to those summer days.

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  • I love this post these were some if my favourites too along with Mallory towers. X

  • Thanks for being part of my book week i loved your review she was loved my us all still very much loved todau to by are kids thanks again fab post x

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