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After reading the first part of Bloodlines things went fast. At first it took me about two days to finish the books, but with the fifth part – Silver Shadows – I only needed one day to finish it. Until the last part, The Ruby Circle. I only read a few chapters a day from that one, because I didn’t want the series to end. What has happened to me?

Yes, I am a bookworm and I love reading books. Even more than that I love reading series, because that means you can actually get attached to the characters and travel along with them for a while. I love that even more than reading single books. Usually I am not a fangirl though. I can read a book, let it go and move on to the next story. I do have the occasional book hangover every now and then, but that fades within a few days and I can focus on new stories with new characters.

This time it is different. Vampire Academy already had that effect on me. I could not stop crying after finishing ‘Last Sacrifice’ because I had fallen in love with both Rose and Dimitri. I thought that would effect the way I would be looking at Sydney and Adrian in this story, because how could they beat Rose and Dimitri? There was no way, in my opinion, but it did happen. Richelle Mead has done it again. Seeing Adrian through Syndey’s eyes made me fall in love with him as well. To be honest, he might be the exact guy I would fall for. One with a big heart, a wonderful soul and a few issues here and there. Not perfect, but very lovable. So letting go of Bloodlines was not easy. The story is over, but I am pretty sure I will re-read these books one day.

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